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Our vast collection of over 10,000 unique characters allows you to add that little bit of minty mayhem to your NFT collection as well as being your key to gain entry to the Mintyverse. We’re adding more exclusive NFT creations every month to our already expansive library. That’s a whole lotta Minty Punks!


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Every Minty Punk is unique. All of our cool and funky designs are specially generated just for you.


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Enter The Mintyverse and the Realm of NFT Gaming with Minted: Battle Against Fiat | Minty Punks

Enter the Mintyverse

Our NFTs won’t just be for buying and selling. Our new blockchain inspired game, “Minted: Battle Against Fiat”, will allow you to take your new Minty Punk inside the game where it becomes your in-game avatar and playable character.

Wanna know how Minted is changing the gaming world?

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If you want to be a part of a whole new NFT community and keep up to date on all things MintySwap (and more), then join us on the MintyNetwork. It’s the place to stay ahead of the curve and hear about the latest Minty Punks releases.

Get involved with the freshest new NFT platform!

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